Our volunteers

Join to our volunteer team!

To the volunteer team of Messzelátó Egyesület belongs to everyone who is joining us in the work for a greener city and a healthier, more responsible and joyful life of it's habitats.
Preparing, building, promoting; worm compost making, organizing beer-making workshop, EVS presentations.... The community of Messzelátó is active, colorful and growing.

Would you like to be a volunteer abroad?

Messzelátó Association was founded in 1999, and started to work as an EVS organisation 15 years ago. We are hosting two volunteers every year, and working to increase the responsibility of Hungarian youngsters to realize how important it is and how much fun it can be to live a sustainable and conscious urban lifestyle.

As a Sending Organisation we are helping 50-70 youngster every year to find the right project for themselves, successfully apply for it and get ready for the adventure by defining their goals, fears or strengths. We are creating a network in order to connect together our returning volunteers with each other and also the current and the future ones to share their experiences and learn from each other.



Have you ever experienced travelling abroad alone? With your support we can help more youngster to make the first step!