Urban beekeeping and democracy

What this project about?

From the summer of 2016 until September of 2017 in the frame of an international program Messzelátó Association with three other organization implement a project focusing on the connection between urban beekeeping, democracy studies and youth work.
In cooperation with the mixed group of beekeepers at "Közösségi Méz Program" we will introduce beekeeping in Budapest as a learning method for democracy studies at youth work.

The goal of our strategy partneship, named: Urban Hives to work together on a educational material related to urban beekeeping. Furthermore creating a young study group in order to rise their awareness and responsibile, active citizenship around the issue: where our food is coming?
It is crucial to include discussion about the devastation of bees and fragility of agriculture into environmental education. On the other hand with our project we aim to rise a discuccion also about community development, motivation of local communities and social issues. Through the introduction of the bee's society with their collective decision making process , communication and structure we will learn about the operations of our society.
In this way urban beekeeping become a tool for raising awareness among youngsters about social and environmental issues. We have a chance to organize monthly meetings with our youngsters from partner institutions.
During the summer of 2017 the youth groups of the organizations will gather together and exchange their experiences, learning process.
On this common meeting the members of the beekeeping groups can assist at the programs related to beekeeping. We are also planning to win teachers, social workers, cultural organizers, press and sociologists to support our work. If you would like to know more about the project or interested to take part into the local or international events than contact us or one of our partner organization.

If you would like to take part as well...

In Budapest you can join to our Community Beekeeper Group...

Where you can connect:

  • On every Thursday between 17.30-19.00we gather together and observe our community beehives. It is a free program to anyone, but if you would like to join please let us know through info@messzelato.hu email address 2 days before the occasion.
  • About our further programs you can collect information on our FB page or here on our website. Share your idea with us!
  • Pictures about our programs you can find here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/messzelato/collections/72157672352962095/

With your support we can implement even more program in order to rise awareness around the sustainable urban lifestyle and personal responsibility toward our sociaty.