Our Topics

Joyful Urban Lifestyle

“Messzelátó” is Learning, Lifestyle, Community.

In our opinion, a Joyful Urban Lifestyle starts with attention. We pay attention to nature, to our immediate environment and we turn to the people with acceptance. This results in a clean environment, healthy and harmonic human relationships. We like living in the city, we like what the city can offer us. It is not our goal to leave the city, we want to find here everything that is joyful, healthy, and is in compliance with nature and our environment, or even helps us to restore the disrupted harmony.

We believe that the secret of a joyful urban lifestyles can be defined in three things:
1. in Learning, knowledge sharing, deeper understanding of processes and relations,
2. in our Lifestyle and conscious choices,
3. in the quality of our human relationships, in the roles we play in our smaller and wider Communities.

Thus, our aim at “Messzelátó” Association is to collect, learn and share the practices of Joyful Urban Lifestyle and to build a strong, cooperative community around us.

Green City

We strongly emphasize that the harmony of the ecosystem must not be disturbed by us humans, we cannot live wastefully at the expense of nature and our fellow citizens. We think that we should give something back in return.

An eco-conscious person is thinking „green”, pays attention to the values of nature and tries to preserve or even improve its condition.
Consciousness means for us that we try to grasp the reasons of our decisions, choices and habits, to weigh the consequences and to understand the impact of 21st century-city living on the global economic, social and environmental processes.


We profess that a joyful, eco-conscious urban life is based on simplicity. Our satisfaction does not depend on acquiring bigger, newer or more beautiful objects; the quality of our human relationships and deepening our knowledge about the world are much more important. We would like to experience this all in a community. Our commitment to simplicity is reflected in our relationships with our everyday objects: we do not buy new clothes, devices, unless it’s necessary; we rather exchange or share with each other items we already have.

Simple lifestyle requires less expenses and provides more satisfaction. In order to balance our everyday life, we choose a job that gives us joy and provides enough resources for the costs of living simply. It brings peace and safety into our lives because, for us, stability does not manifest in material possessions but in our faith in ourselves and our trust in people.

We conceive of simplicity as reclaiming our freedom and not as a form of renunciation.

Urban Community

We, members of “Messzelátó” Association, believe in connecting.
We think that as a community we can achieve more, we can be happier and we can offer safety to each other.
We like to teach and learn, to give and get, to pay attention to each other, to listen and hear one another. Be part of our community!

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