Our Team

We, members of “Messzelátó” Association, believe in connecting.
We think that as a community we can achieve more, we can be happier and we can offer safety to each other.
We like to teach and learn, to give and get, to pay attention to each other, to listen to each other. Be part of our community!

Judit Varga, president

“Messzelátó” is an important stage in my life. Sometimes from a distance, sometimes closer to it but I am here with it. “Messzelátó” is my “baby”. It was not me who gave birth to it but I have been guiding it since its “infancy”, I guide it, I create a family around it. I believe in the power of communities and that with “Messzelátó” we contribute to building up a new solidary society, organized from the grassroots. Therefore, I lead our association along the following values and principles: trust in each other, attention to each other, faith in each other’s talent and development. In practice it means that we discuss everything amongst ourselves, we let everyone’s talent flourish, we help each other, we turn openly to anybody coming to us and we communicate honestly. Beside “Messzelátó” I have worked on building up international movements, planning and coordinating EU-wide communication of projects. For a few years, as a consultant and organization developer, I have been dealing with the development of social enterprises and civil organizations. I am thankful for “Messzelátó” and for every person the destiny sends to me through the association.
Dóra Kocsis, program coordinator

You can turn to me regarding donations, support and company-related matters, or if you would like to order a green workshop.
adventure together with my husband we started off for the World taking only our backpacks. We traveled for a whole year, during our journey I saw far lands and I came back home with a lot of experiences about what a huge problem the lack of environmental protection is in a large part of the World. It strengthened even more my intention to take action and in October of 2015 the “Messzelátó” team asked me to work out their volunteer and membership development strategy. I was motivated by the fact that, thanks to my work, more and more people experience the benefits of volunteering and living in a big city in communities similarly to living in a small town where we are as close to nature as possible. Beside “Messzelátó”, Ifocuson the development of the civil sector.
Andrea Kiss, EVS coordinator

If you have questions about volunteering abroad you can contact me. As a coordinator within “Messzelátó” I help you to get to know the possibilities of the European Voluntary Service, to find the project that fits you the most and to apply for it with success. During the projects, I provide administrative and organizational, personal support so that you can get the most out of the time abroad. I met “Messzelátó” Association for the first time at the end of 2014 when, with their help, I had the opportunity to learn and educate myself while working as an EVS volunteer with a Turkish organization for 7 months. When I returned home in the middle of 2015, I wanted to improve my knowledge and my skills, expand my experiences and give something back to my home organization, thus, I started to volunteer at “Messzelátó” Association as a communications specialist.
Mária Jakab, financial assistant

I have been working for civil organizations since 2003 as an office manager, administrator and financial assistant. To be an active citizen is important for me therefore, I participate with pleasure in the work of organizations that have a mission I can identify myself with (human rights, dissemination of knowledge, environmental protection). That is why I work also for “Messzelátó” Association.

Would you like to live in a society where human relationships are defined by these values? If so, help us to spread our ideas as widely as possible and support our work!