Our Members

General assembly and the representation of the association

The most important decision-making body of every association is the general assembly, constituted by the members of the association. The general assembly has to be convoked by the official representative, leader of the association – by the president of “Messzelátó“ – at least once a year. The general assembly has a decision-making right about the strategic directions, the yearly professional and budgetary plan, and about the previous year’s report. In every four years the general assembly chooses the officials: the president and the members of the board, nominated by the members of the association.
The president and partially the board are responsible for the everyday operation, the finances, the professional management and the employees. He/she can hand over certain duties, for example, to the program leaders but legally, the president in one person is responsible for the association. In case the organization commits any violation of law, the president can be made accountable for it legally and financially whereas the members cannot. Nevertheless, the members can form the programs of the association and its community thus, they can contribute to the mission of “Messzelátó“ and to achieving its goals.

Our membership – our SEEDs

We would like to get our members from the most active people of the “Messzelátó“ community and give decision-making role to volunteers and supporters who contribute to the success of our association with their work, being our ambassadors, or helping us to achieve our goals in any other ways. Membership is open to everybody, but subject to some conditions and to an application. If you would like to be a member we kindly ask you to first come and volunteer at us, participate in some of our programs, get to know the mission, the vision and the activity of “Messzelátó“!
From 2016 onwards, the “Messzelátó“ membership means also to be like a seed, since we would like our members to plant the seeds of our mission in new grounds: in their own communities to multiply the social effect of our association. For this we try to provide inspiration, education and community. We would like to think about society’s crucial questions and about urban sustainability with our seeds, to improve and learn together.

If you would like to be our member:

1. Get know Messzelátó's constitution, mission and future vision!
2. Fill out the Membership application form!
3. The next general membership assembly will be in 4. December of 2016. This is when we will decide about the admission of new members for 2017.

The membership is for 1 year and can be extended.