For such a wolrd

Our Mission

Messzelátó Association is working for the healthy, sustainable environment and society. We are offering sustainable urban lifestyle related programs for responsible, open minded youngsters and adults living in cities. As a method we use volunteering, personal examples and practical point of view changing programs.

Future vision of Messzelátó

As an effect of Messzelátó’s work, happier and more responsible people will live in Hungary. The inhabitants of the cities will be aware, feel responsible for their decisions, for themselves and live a sustainable lifestyle.
The people around us will find their way back to the harmony with nature, the value of community, understand and live through connection between humans and nature.

Until 2050 we would like to change at least one habits of 1000 people for preserving and protect nature (responsible consummation, do something about pollution, making the surroundings greener) or act, give something for a local community. 1000s of people live in happier and more sustainable, balanced way, proudly living the transparent life of simplicity and act for nature and society.
Messzelato Egyesület is a community organization built from the bottom with goal of protecting nature.
Messzelátó Egyesület is a connection. Messzelátó is a self-organized and caring community around the Association.
Messzelató provides a symbolic hiding place in the darkening world. Provides knowledge and community in the egoist and selfish culture for survival and a honest, proud, happy life. This active community is preparing themselves and searching for answers for the challenge of nature and society in the 21. century.
Messzelató is showing the way in paradigm shift to spread and manage the culture/economy based on material goods and knowledge sharing.

Messzelató Association is working as a professional organization which helps forming non-formal community of Messzelátó:
• Showing directions and convey massages about stable values and worthy ideas
• Courage to think and act
• Provide frame for people and other communities on the civil area, help to create a connection
• Through professionally grounded programs we wash away the borders between disciplines (fe. art and nature, self-improvement and green practices

Power source of Messzelátó: volunteers, employees, financial supports (from civil or lawful organisations), fee of services, products and material and other kind of supports, common knowledge or equipment.
Future vision and target audience of Messzelátó: the Association remains small (max.10-15) employees. Create cooperative communities 50-100 people/year and 1-2 organizations. Reach for wider circle supporters, people who agree to our aims, goals) in order to have an effect onto the critics mass (which is 20% of age 18-60 habitants)

If you would like to live in a world where the personal relationships are defined by these values, help us to spread the massage in the wider range by supporting our work!


What are our topics?

In our opinion, a Joyful Urban Lifestyle starts with attention. We pay attention to nature, to our immediate environment and we turn to the people with acceptance. This results in a clean environment, health and harmonic human relationships. We like living in the city, we like what the city can offer us. It is not our goal to leave the city, we want to find here everything that is joyful, healthy, and is in accordance with nature and our environment, or even helps us to restore the disrupted harmony.

How you can connect to our work?

We, members of “Messzelátó” Association, believe in connecting. We think that as a community we can achieve more, we can be happier and we can offer safety to each other. We like to teach and learn, to give and get, to pay attention to each other, to listen to each other. Be part of our community!

How you can bring our values into your workplace?

On our workshops we are building a community, form attitude, give practical advice, how to live a sustainable lifestyle in urban circumstances. We provide charging by relaxation and creative ideas for the employees of the company.