Volunteering and sustainability

Who we are?

What we are doing and where you can meet with us?

Go Green Blog

Hanging around in Budapest the searching eyes can find a lot of exciting events, initiatives or even problems. A fenntarthatóság, közösség és természetvédelem témakörében gondolkodó Giacomo who is thinking deeply about sustainability, community and environmental protection writing about these implementations in Budapest at the Go Green blog. He write about Repair Cafe, a Gólya or the Sziget's waste production. Everything which is green, sustainable and Budapest. Event invitations or topic offers are very welcomed in English to giacomo@messzelato.hu.


Our EVS volunteers also take care of a little part of a community garden called: Grundkert. Not rare that student groups of Budapest visit us for a few hours to get know a little better and also experience an urban garden. If you are a teacher, parent or student who would be glad to join us for a little intercultural and environmental experience write to us through: kissandi@messzelato.hu!

Being a volunteer is awsome!

Our EVS volunteer not just experiencing but also sharing: why it is good, useful to be a volunteer abroad. From the Ördögkatlan Fesztivál, in Szimpla or at Múzeumok Majálisa, Bánkitó Fesztivál, BME Külügyi Börze...etc. we are there and shere! Pragrams, events can invite us through: kissandi@messzelato.hu

Sustainable Household

Imagine a flat at the 11th floor of an old communist block in the Budapest periphery. Here we live, two EVS volunteer: Kristi from Estonia and Giacomo from Italy, creating an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle in a big city. In our project we work with the Messzelátó Association, a bunch of enthusiasts living in Budapest and focusing on the mission how to live, show and teach sustainable and joyful urban lifestyle. As we moved in our flat only recently there is plenty of work to do in order to improve it. Therefore we are looking for the greenest, cheapest and coolest solutions for our everyday life problems and we want to share with you what we found. We will post on our Youtube channel up-cycling and DIY tutorials of our work and other cool clips of related events in Budapest, hoping that you will find them useful and inspiring.

How can you participate also into EVS?

If you are between the ages of 17-30 and eager to try yourself at a foreign organization as a volunteer, while the travel, accommodation, meal is covered with a little pocket money, then ...

Have you ever experienced how life-changing to travel abroad alone? With your support we can help even more youngster to make the first step!