What is EVS?

Nowadays, for the young generation the borders at the work-, personal life and geographically as well are blurry. It's not a big thing to spent a few days, weeks or months somewhere else. On the other hand, every traveler is aware of how huge is the difference between traveling through a culture or getting to know it, acting in it, become part of it.

As a part of the Erasmus+ Program European Voluntary Service aka EVS allows NGOs to involve a foreign youngster into their work for a short or longer period of time. With the benefits of the program they can financially support the volunteer with travel expenses, food, accommodation and pocket money as well. Through this opportunity the volunteer have a chance to connect to the local community and works together with the organization on a local project.
For example these projects can be:
- a painting project together with young special needs people
- working in an organic farm and delivering the fresh produced goods to the market
- teaching English in an orphanage
- or organizing a national dance festival, where young people meet and learn traditions of each other and become a solitary adults.

What does an EVS volunteer do?

Arrive as an outsider to a foreign community. Recognize the things what brings joy or issues to the community and see their reactions. Share experiences and working together with them.

Who can be an EVS volunteer?

If you are between 17 and 30, you have to have a Hungarian address card, and you are ready to spend you time and energy for working with a far away community and yourself, the EVS is the best decision for you.

What comes with the program?

Where you can meet with us personally: EVS Tájékoztató

Every month we gather together in the H13, where one of our previous EVS volunteer shares the most important informations about how to use the opportunity, what's the conditions, where you can find project, how to apply...etc. You can also collect some good advice and worth to consider aspect from the volunteer own experience. If you have questions or uncertainty that's your place!

Next time: 2017. 01. 25. 18:00-19:30

Helyszín: H13, Budapest, Horánszky u. 13, 1085

How to apply:

Imagine it as a job hunting. You are searching for the right project on the platforms (database, facebook groups...etc.), then you are applying for them with a cv, a motivation letter or a required special application form. If you seem to be the right fit to the project, the hosting organisation will contact you and ask for further materials or skype interview... etc.

Most of the times the volunteers get selected before the project got accepted and financed by the EU. So thus it does not mean that you can go for sure. It still depends on the National Agency if they found the project worth to support or not. It can happen also that you are applying for a project already financed as well, but be sure what's the case with your project!

How long time you can spend in EVS?

The program provides 12 months for every youngster.

You can use it in two different ways:
1. take part into a short term (maximum 59 day) then a long term (2-12 months) if both are fitting into the 12 months 2. or you can straight go to a long term project but in the case it is not covers all the 12 months you do not have a right to use it for an other project (neither short or long)

To become an EVS volunteer You need:

Hosting Organisation:

  • provides the implementation of the project: tasks, equipment, knowledge and surroundings for the project.
  • Financed with the Eramus Plus fund provides accommodation, food, language support, travel expenses and pocket money...stb for the volunteer according to their opportunities.
  • Most of the times taking the part of the coordination organisation as well, so handling the administration of the project

Sending Organisation:

  • provides help in the project-searching-process
  • keeps contact with the hosting organisation and the responsible Erasmus Plus Office (national Agency), handling the administration
  • prepares the volunteer for the project, keeps in touch through all the project period
  • after returning home help for the volunteer to adapt back into their own culture

Messzelátó, as a Sending Organisation

In the case of participation into an EVS project it is obligatory to have a Sending Organisation from your home country to handle the administration, help in the preparation, give support and network during the project, help during the returning. Throws lifeline in the case of emergency and provide accompany for celebrate the success.

We help to live through the EVS experience annually 80 youngster! Be one of them!


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