Chemical free

Eco cleaning session

The participants can get to know handmade cleaning products. (fe. abrasive cleaning powder general cleaning products, laundry detergent, dish-washing detergent) They can touch and try them during the workshop. We present simple and forgotten traditional, eco friendly ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda, washing soda...etc. We are talking about it's advantages, use and place of purchase.


The consuming society lost it's connection with nature, creation and with each other in many cases. Living an environmentally responsible lifestyle is not an inner eagerness anymore at our rushing contaminated urban atmosphere. With our workshops we would like to build a community, form attitude and share practical, useful ideas about how to form a sustainable, responsible and joyful lifestyle in the urban jungle.
We provide eco- and health conscious joint work with a lots of energy and creativity. We believe that it increases the employees creativity at their work as well when they get the opportunity to try out different things themselves.
During our program we are not merely working on increasing the awareness around nature protection, but also improving the skills of team trough the special social interaction at the workshop.
The joyful, interactive and practical work together improves the commitment towards their team and their company as well.


- We will change the boring theory to interactive methods with practical solutions.
- We can form the lengths of our workshop flexibly according to the needs of the customer from 2 hours to a whole day.
- We need only a table and some chairs. We will bring the knowledge and the ingredients.
- We can offer our workshops for events, teambuildings, festivals, family days.

We are a team full of ideas and creativity!

The participants can try themselves on the dirt-wheel. During the workshop we are talking about the the avoidable chemicals and we can create a recipe collection book. In special cases we mix cleaning product at the spot as well.

For individual offer contact Dóra Kocsis!
+36 30 466 31 26

Where we already have been:

Seed paper ornaments for Christmas

At the end of 2015 we spent an afternoon at the office of EXXON in Budapest. We created Christmas tree decoration with the interested employees from their own paper waste by using seed paper techniques, in order to draw their attention to the lots of paper-waste and also show a creative way to up-cycle it.

Day of Sustainable living

At the spring of 2016 our team organized workshops using IKEA's product to create indoor compost box and planting. During the whole day at our stand the customers could speak with us about sustainable urban lifestyle and get some tricks how to live it using IKEA's products creatively in their everyday life.

Eco coffee break

We spent two afternoon at the office of BP, put our bike mixer beside their coffee machine and speak about the good impact for our mood, health and the world's survival of using bike in the city and drinking green turmix instead of coffee

Minimal cosmetics bag

At the summer of 2016 we visited the event, Civil Impact with the idea of a minimalist bag with full of eco couscious cosmetics, which beside to be gentle to our health and the world also exclusive and exciting.

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