At Messzelátó we belive in connecting. We belive that through our personal choices it is possible to realize a simple and joyful life at the urban jungle as well.

We come with a news of renewal

"We need to look a the past in order to see into the future

We need to define ourselves and find out how we can create together, which is important for us, which is the real us from the colorful and loving Messzelátó. What we are as a real community? To achieve these goals we slowed down, had a look at the mirror and start to plan."

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Our Themes:

Urban simplicity

We profess that a joyful, eco-conscious urban life is based on simplicity. Our satisfaction does not depend on acquiring bigger, newer or more beautiful objects; the quality of our human relationships and deepening our knowledge about the world are much more important. We would like to experience this all in a community.

Green city

Consciousness means for us that we try to grasp the reasons of our decisions, choices and habits, to weigh their consequences and to understand the impact of 21st century-city living on the global economic, social and environmental processes.

Urban community

We, members of “Messzelátó” Association, believe in connecting.
We think that as a community we can achieve more, we can be happier and we can offer safety to each other.
We like to teach and learn, to give and get, to pay attention to each other, to listen to each other.

Our Supporters:


We believe that, it is possible to live a joyful and sustainable lifestyle in the urban jungle. If you agree with us, help us to reach more inhabitant of the city with our massage and support our work!